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Services for Individuals

Whether you’re decades or days away from retiring, it’s never too early — or late — to plan for your ideal retirement.

As the financial markets become increasingly complex and life expectancies continue to rise, working with an investment professional is more important than ever. Capstone Financial partners with individuals and families on their road to, and through, retirement.

Whether your retirement concerns include generating a steady income, outliving your money, investing too heavily in a single asset or product, or all of the above — we can help you achieve confidence and happiness in retirement.

Our Approach

When it comes to meeting your long-term retirement goals, the strategy you implement is more important than how much you save.

Which is why we emphasize low-cost, high efficient options throughout the investment selection process. Our advisors utilize a mix of Institutional Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for low-cost, low-risk, and above-average returns.

By collaborating with you throughout our step-by-step process, we design investment strategies that are responsive to your specific needs, goals and lifestyle requirements. The quality investment guidance we provide is the cornerstone of our process and paramount to the success of your plan.